Genesis Road & Fleet Services provides a variety of services to the transportation, construction, & equipment industries. Whether you need a repair on your truck, trailer, bus or piece of equipment, we have the ability to fix most problems on-site which will minimize your downtime so you're able to get back to work. 

In order to do this, we offer knowledgeable and highly trained dispatch operators to:


  • Answer your call as quickly as possible.

  • Pin point your location and accurately direct our technicians to you.

  • Assess your situation and source the right service equipment to fix your problem. 

In addition, our skilled and experienced operators and mobile service technicians:

  • Know the intricacies of the roadways in each area we service to get to you faster

  • Offer courteous, professional and safety conscience service

  • Diagnose and repair your problem quickly

  • Provide timely repairs to get you back rolling.



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